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Save My Hair Tour

We are excited here at Mahaqni SL, and we have kicked off our tour. Women are losing their hair At alarming rates. I serviced many women on July 9th suffering from alopecia, thinning hair, and clogged hair follicles. Most women don't realize their follicle holes are clogged and prevent their hair from growing.

This client's follicle holes were clogged. These are the before and after pictures from when I unclogged her follicle holes and treated her scalp to get her hair released.

If you need help with your scalp or hair contact me @

She is now using the Stimulant Hair Growth Oil to Grow her hair. You can check out this product at

Here are some of our tour dates

Hollywood Fl

Saturday, July 30th

Boynton Beach

Saturday, Aug. 13th

Atlanta Ga

Saturday, September 24th

Mahaqni SL

Felicia Brown

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