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Black Friday Sale

This 7- Day detox is to help you internally and externally by cleansing from the inside and out. If you suffering from dandruff, eczema, psoriasis dermatitis, and a clogged scalp then this detox is for you. You will receive a full 7-day detox menu, detox tea, DIY scalp and oil for the scalp and the DIY scalp cleanse. You will be added to our private Facebook group where I will personally walk you through your journey of a healthy scalp and hair. Detox starts December 13-19this year. Don't miss out on this DETOX.

Sale for the detox ends Monday @ midnight

The Mahaqni SL hair growth grease is on sale for 30% off until Sunday midnight.

If you are suffering from Alopecia, bald spots, thin edges, or just want your hair to grow this product is for you.

The Mahaqni SL hair growth stimulant oil can be used for every day and scalp treatment. This unique growth oil also has herbs and spices that make it a powerful hair growth product.

30% off until Sunday midnight

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